National Inventory Certification Association Unveils New Logo

While developing the National Inventory Certification Association’s new website being developed, along with a new newsletter template, we thought it was time to bring a new look to the NICA logo as well. 

We all know that a company’s or association’s logo – the visual image – represents an organization. Therefore, it’s important to consider colors and symbols when creating – and updating – a logo. While introducing the new look, we thought it would be a good time to discuss why these colors and symbols were chosen..

Logo colors and symbols

According to The Logo Company, blue represents dependability. Both the sky and the ocean convey feelings of strength and tranquility. It’s a go-to color to establish a message of professionalism and reliability. Keeping the dark blue in the former logo, we did lighten it up just a bit .

Orange expresses confidence; It stands out in a crowd and sends a message that says, “I’m not afraid to be the center of attention.” Orange represents creativity and enthusiasm. Again, we chose to keep orange for how well it describes our association (our members’ enthusiasm), but we did adjust the color, making is a softer orange.

For the design, triangles were initially chosen due to their representation of stability and can also imply balance, strength, professionalism, efficiency, and purpose. We reduced the four diamonds (one for each letter of NICA) to three diamonds. Now intertwined, they represent Membership, Education, and Certification – the three main functions of NICA.

These colors and design are stating that we focus on efficiency, purpose, and strength for our members. Likewise, for our members who display this logo, it is representing what an asset inventory service provider strives to achieve – knowledge, dependability, confidence in their service, and professionalism.

All certified members will receive an email with a link to the new logo for the purpose of placing it on your website, brochures, and other marketing materials. This is one of the benefits of being certified, as it informs your clients and prospective clients of your affiliation with this National Inventory Certification Association.