Certification for Whom?

Blue Ribbon-Gold MiddleA question we’re often asked is exactly who do we certify? Since there are many types of inventory that is documented and tracked in the business world, this is a good question. The short answer is, we provide certification for Personal Property Inventory Professionals. This industry is often referred to as “home inventory.” Personal property is best described as the items that are not attached to the structure. Think of taking the roof off of a house or other building, picking that building up, then turning it upside down. Everything that falls out is personal property. Therefore, personal property is the “contents” or “belongings” that a person or company owns. Items affixed, such as a furnace, hot water heater, flooring, light fixtures, built-in bookcases, built-in appliances, etc., are all part of the structure and do not fall under the category of personal property.

Though our certification is focused on the home inventory industry, one course, titled Inventory 101, is an introduction to the many types of inventory – retail, finished goods, raw materials, etc. This is to help educate our certified professionals to make them aware of the differences. There are many reasons for needing this knowledge, the most important is to know what types of jobs to accept and what ones to refer elsewhere. An additional awareness gives them an overview of the other industries. In fact, some of our Certified Inventory Specialists have considered adding other inventory services to their list of specialties due to the knowledge gained taking this course.