RV Contents Inventory Ebook

RV Inventory CoverCamping has gained popularity over the recent years. However, most campers aren’t willing to “rough it” like people did years ago with a tent and sleeping bag. Now we see campers and fifth-wheelers that offer many of the comforts of home. Others are so luxurious you feel you are home, but this temporary home is out in the wilderness or in a campground with all the amenities of a hotel or resort, including golf course, swimming pool, etc.

Then there are the full-timers (as they like to be called) who have sold their house and now live in a motor home, traveling across the country seeing sights they would have never seen if not for this new lifestyle.

All RVs have a lot more than just a sleeping bag, and the full-timers most often have all of their earthly belongings with them in their motor home. This encouraged inventory professionals, and founders of Nationwide Inventory Professionals, Mike and Cindy Hartman, to author the book, RV Contents Inventory. Just like a house or apartment, the owners must have a thorough inventory of the items in their RV so they can receive an equitable insurance settlement after a loss. If they never need to file the claim, the inventory will provide peace of mind, knowing they have this assurance to being able to remember all they owned.

An excerpt from the book

Consider anticipating another enjoyable day – just like most other days – only to return from a day exploring and find that your camping trailer, fifth-wheel, or motor home had been burglarized. Or possibly it, along with all your belongings, was damaged or destroyed by fire or a natural disaster.

Your emotions are raw. Fear! Anger! Frustration! Sadness! The first and most important thing, of course, is that everyone is OK. Then, with assistance, you find food, clothing, and a place to stay. Your immediate needs for you and your family are met…now what??

Now it’s time to recover. Now it’s time to file your insurance claim. You will need to list every item you owned that is missing, melted, shattered, drenched, gone, unrecognizable, scattered, or damaged. It doesn’t seem hard at first. You can certainly remember the TV and computer, but can you remember how many items of clothing you owned? Do you know how many CDs, DVDs, and books you purchased? Can you remember how many pots and pans, dishes, glasses, and linens you owned? How about make-up, toiletries, and cleaning supplies? Think about kitchen appliances – you probably own a mixer, blender, waffle maker, toaster, coffee maker, juicer … the list can go on and on.

Where to find this ebook for RV owners

The NICA Book Store now offers this guide for RV owners so they can create their own inventory. The download enables an immediate start to this important project. RV Contents Inventory is also available in paperback. Of course, for those who prefer to hire a professional, the NICA Directory lists all members of the National Inventory Certification Association so you can find a qualified inventory service provider near you.