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22 Oct 2014

Certified Inventory Specialist Certification Program Improvements

certified RedDeveloped by the National Inventory Certification Association and operated in conjunction with the Inventory Institute, these two professional organizations have established a checks and balances to ensure an ethically developed and managed certification program. This is accomplished by the Inventory Institute assigning the prerequisites to achieve certification. NICA creates the education courses to meet those needs. Having one organization determine designation requirements, while another creates the education components with the CEU values assigned, helps ensure integrity in the program.

The purpose of these requirements for certification indicate that the certified professional has shown a proficiency of the knowledge and skills deemed important to the benefit of both the industry and the professional.

Certified Inventory Specialist

In line with association industry standards, a member of NICA can achieve certification as a Certified Inventory Specialist by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through experience, education, military experience, Continuing Education Courses, and more. When the determined number of CEUs are earned, the candidate can apply for certification to achieve this level of professionalism.

Non-members can also apply for and achieve their CIS designation.

Renewing certification designation

Remaining within the guidelines of association industry standards, Certified Members will have CEU requirements to maintain/renew certification every two (2) years. Full details regarding the number of CEUs (and the various options) for Certification and Renewal are included on both the Inventory Institute and NICA websites.

This improved program was launched on October 1, 2014, and we are pleased with the favorable response we have received from our members. Having a more comprehensive certification program provides our members with a designation of which they can be proud.

18 Nov 2013

Industry Organizations Announce Exclusive Business Partnership

The Inventory Institute and National Inventory Certification Association announce an Exclusive Business Partnership for good of the industry.

The Inventory Institute™ and National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA) are pleased to announce a long-term partnership to create cohesiveness and unity in the asset inventory industry. Under the terms of this agreement, the Inventory Institute has recognized NICA as the officially recognized certification authority for the asset inventory industry.

The two organizations have joined forces through this exclusive business partnership to ensure the industry members are served properly and thoroughly. Working together enables each to operate with focused initiatives.

The Inventory Institute provides the following:

– Industry resources

– Annual conference of networking and education

– Project management for large inventory projects

– Referrals and recognition through individual web pages linked to members’ websites

National Inventory Certification Association offers the following:

– Certification as a Certified Inventory Specialist

– Continuing education that enables inventory professionals to focus on a niche or variety of niches

– Credibility through CIS designation

– Recognition in the Member Directory with a live link to each member’s website

“Aligning the Inventory Institute with NICA is a very large step for the asset inventory industry. NICA is quickly becoming THE recognized educational solution for the industry that offers tremendous industry professional and personal growth and support through membership. This partnership provides the members of the asset inventory industry an opportunity between the two organizations to have a full circle of support, and I am proud to be partnered with Mike & Cindy Hartman. They are, without question, leaders of the industry that have proven success in their offerings and their entrepreneurial endeavors. Who better to be offering the education and training for our industry,” said Johanna Curtiss, CEO of the Inventory Institute.

“The past few months have been exciting as we took a vision and worked it through to fruition. The value of being aligned with other professionals in the industry is evident, as this joint venture creates many benefits for all involved in this growing sector of the service industry. Being chosen by the Inventory Institute as the exclusive certification authority is an honor. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Johanna Curtiss, and are look forward to work closely with her and the Inventory Institute,” said Mike Hartman, Executive Director of NICA.

Having the two organizations working cohesively, but separately, provides a good check and balance for all members of both organizations. Both Curtiss and Hartman agree that this long-term business partnership provides the best option to serve the needs of the industry.

Along with the announcement of this partnership, the two organizations have launched a joint membership drive through 2013. This packaged discount provides Certification and 1st year Membership with NICA, plus Enrollment and 1st year Membership with the Inventory Institute.

About The Inventory Institute

The Inventory Institute is the source for Members and Consumers; providing reputable referrals, resources, partnerships, business coaching, marketing, PR and standards for success for and within the Industry.

About National Inventory Certification Association

The National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) provides certification and continuing education for those in the asset inventory industry. The team assembled to lead this organization is well experienced in the fields of asset inventory, management, and education.

28 Oct 2013

Asset Inventory Certification Program Now Led by Industry Professionals

Founders of Nationwide Inventory Professionals assume ownership and control of national industry certification program.

Mike and Cindy Hartman, of Avon, Indiana, have further invested in the growing home and business inventory industry. Personal property inventory service professionals, the Hartmans have recently taken ownership and control of the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA).  An announcement from NICA last week stated, “The inventory industry is growing, and new leadership is required to take this certification program to the next level. Focus, commitment, and an understanding of the industry are imperative.”

The Hartmans currently own two other asset industry-related businesses, Hartman Inventory LLC and Nationwide Inventory Professionals LLC. Hartman Inventory, established in 2004, is an asset inventory company, providing written and photographic personal property documentation. Having established proven successful processes and procedures through years of trial and error, the Hartmans developed Nationwide Inventory Professionals. This business package and licensing agreement provides their knowledge, experience, and support for those who have chosen to start their own inventory company.

Mike Hartman explained, “We see value in national certification, to the extent that certification is a component of our business package. We are looking forward to this opportunity to take NICA in a positive direction, and are already making plans to enhance the designation as well as offer other educational opportunities.”

According to Johanna Curtiss, CEO of The Inventory Institute, the majority of inventory service companies are independent business owners, amounting to approximately 150 verified operating businesses throughout the United States. One of the reasons the Hartmans chose to add this company to their business portfolio is to help establish consistency and cohesiveness in the industry.

About National Inventory Certification Association

The National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) provides a certification program for those in the asset inventory sector. Designation as a Certified Inventory Specialist confirms an understanding of the industry, agrees to conduct business in an ethical and professional manner, and will abide by the National Inventory Certification Association Code of Ethics. The team the Hartmans have assembled to head up this separate entity is well experienced in the asset inventory industry. http://www.nationalinventorycertificationassociation.com/final

About Mike and Cindy Hartman

Mike and Cindy Hartman are recognized leaders of the industry, and achieved this by constantly reviewing their inventory processes, then implementing improvements and revisions on a continuing basis.

Always eager to share their knowledge, they are Approved Speakers for Kiwanis International and also provide educational presentations for Chambers of Commerce and other civic, business, and networking organizations. The Hartmans have been featured in the Indianapolis Business Journal, the Hendricks County Business Leader, and various other publications. They have co-authored the book, “Home Inventory – A Guide for Homeowners and Renters,” which is available on Amazon.com. Their second book, “A Business Guide to Asset Inventory,” will be completed soon.