Central Indiana Asset Inventory Professional Achieves Certification

The National Inventory Certification Association congratulates member Kate LeGrand for achieving the designation of Certified Inventory Specialist.

The National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA) is pleased to announce that Kate LeGrand, owner of Capital Counts Inventory, has recently earned the designation of Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS).

There is an increasing awareness of the necessity and benefits of having a prepared photographic and written record of one’s personal property. This knowledge and the ever-increasing busy lifestyles of homeowners and business owners alike create a growing demand for a professional inventory service provider.

To earn this certification, LeGrand passed required courses developed by NICA, achieved a required number of Continuing Education Units, completed an established number of inventories, and agreed to conduct business according to the asset industry Code of Ethics.

A professional certification is not required for the asset inventory professional. By choosing to invest in  continuing education shows LeGrand’s desire to ensure that she provides quality inventory services. LeGrand stated, “My background is in accounting. Over the years I have seen many small business owners who don’t know the value of their assets. My focus will be providing my inventory services for these busy business owners as well as homeowners.”

Choosing to achieve the CIS designation through the National Inventory Certification Association, LeGrand exhibits a desire to show residential and commercial clients and potential clients that she is a dedicated professional. Cindy Hartman, Managing Director of NICA, explained, “Kate is a financial expert, and coming from that industry, which requires continuing education, she realizes that education is essential when you want to put the client first.”  

Based in Plainfield, Indiana, LeGrand provides residential and commercial asset inventory services throughout central Indiana. Included in the residential inventories are specialties of Collectibles and Estate Inventory Services.