Looking Back and Looking Forward

Yesterday TomorrowThe end of the year encourages people and organizations to assess their successes achieved, as well as look forward and plan for the coming year. As we look back, we are pleased with the changes that took place this past year. The most obvious change is the upgraded website, utilizing new options for layout and design. What isn’t apparent to most people, though, is the ADA compliance that we incorporated into the project. We are fortunate to have Mary Gillen as an Associate Member of NICA, as she is an excellent web developer and expert with ADA compliance. Knowing our site is accessible to everyone is a goal we are pleased to meet.

2017 brought improvements and positive changes for NICA:

  • Added 2 new courses to the curriculum
  • Developed a new website that is ADA compliant
  • Added 3 new Associate Members – Mary Gillen, Renovation Angel, and Nationwide Inventory Professionals. All 3 see the value in supporting NICA and have the desire to work with those in our industry.

Planning for 2018:

  • A committee will be researching the possibility of and ultimately submitting for a recognized National Home Inventory Day.
  • We will meet NICA’s educational goal of 2 new courses per year added to the curriculum for continuing education.
  • To help NICA provide you with the course topics you seek, please answer this one-question survey. Just click on this link to let your voice and choice be heard 

If you have any additional ideas or suggestions for NICA, please be sure to contact the office. We are here to serve you, our valued members.