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12 Oct 2017

Mundane Marketing?

Mary GillenAre you finding yourself experiencing mundane marketing? If not now, you might hit that wall someday when you just can’t think of anything new to do or say to help promote your home inventory business. Check out these tips from our web developer and Associate Member Mary Gillen. These ideas just might be the spark you’re looking for.


Long domain name


Is your domain name too long to fit on car signage? Use your Twitter handle on the sign instead to attract prospects to follow you on Twitter.  Example of a Twitter handle: @marygillen


Spruce up your LinkedIn profile


The text under your name on your LinkedIn profile is called your professional headline. Be sure to include the keyword phrases that prospects will use to discover you in this headline.




Create YouTube videos, and keep them between 1 and 4 minutes long. The reason for the short videos is that Google tests for relevance to see if YouTube videos are watched straight through, giving more SEO credit to videos that are watched from beginning to end.


Have an active voice


When writing your marketing copy, use the active voice. It makes the message shorter and more powerful.


An example of Not Active copy: “The new video developed by our company can help you increase your sales.”

Compare this to an example of Active: copy: “Our new video has 17 ideas to help you increase sales.


These tips are just a sample of you can learn from the book, 367 Marketing Ideas & Tactics for Your Business by Mary Gillen. Download it here.
20 Mar 2017

Meet Mary Gillen, New Associate Member

We have received many compliments about the new NICA website. Some have stated that it’s clean, easy to navigate, has great information, and a quote that says exactly what we were going for – “I love the positive visuals.”

There is one person to thank for this, and she is our Associate Member, Mary Gillen. Here is why we are so glad to have her as one of our members, ready to create website, marketing, and social media assistance for our members.

Using her more than 20 years of Web development experience to build sites for tech companies, associations, non-profits and small businesses, Mary Gillen blends professional design with measurable business results. The perfect example of her work is to peruse the new NICA website when it launches (she did a fantastic job!). Whether you need a few tweaks or an entirely new website, you will find Mary is extremely talented and professional. From adding a blog page to an existing site to creating a fully searchable directory, your issue becomes her successful project.

Websites, SEO, Copywriting, Content Marketing

  • Keyword Research – How do your prospects find you on the Web? You can expect shifts in how people search, perhaps due to market conditions or changes in product or service demand. So, if your Web site was optimized for keyword phrases a year ago, it may be time for a keyword phrase “tune-up.”
  • Copywriting for Both Web & Print – Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing and print business communication. Effective copy sells your services. She has written hundreds of brochures, technical manuals, and Federal government RFP proposals in addition to writing for the Web and producing online marketing copy for commercial and private organizations.
  • Content Marketing – Every business person serious about marketing his/her business today must publish blog posts, Twitter tweets, Google+ shares & YouTube video content consistently throughout the business week. Why? Search engine optimization. Consistently publishing quality content to your blog, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts is the way to get there. She has developed a Content Marketing Plan that can be used for Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Government (B2G).

For all of your website, content, and social media needs, Mary Gillen can help you reach the next level with your business.