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03 Feb 2016

Collaboration Strengthens The Home Inventory Industry

CollaborationThe asset inventory is a fairly fragmented industry. By that, I mean that it is made up of small, home-based, independent businesses. Most create their own processes from the ground up, without much guidance from others who have been in the industry for years. The owners are caring individuals who seek to be of service to others, helping them in some of the worst times in their lives.  Since it is not a saturated industry, the service provides are normally the only one (or possibly 2) services providers in their area. This doesn’t give the business owners much of an opportunity to meet and learn from each other.

As a new entrepreneur begins his or her business, they find out how much they didn’t know prior to launch. They also find it difficult to meet other home inventory professionals due to geographical restrictions. Being alone is often a common thread of conversation among business owners of all industries, especially during the start-up phase. It is even more prevalent in this industry.

Though the National Inventory Certification Association must remain focused and true to our purpose of educational efforts, we are happy to help facilitate the formation of a group of home inventory professionals to share ideas, processes, challenges, etc. There is currently a LinkedIn Group that was created with the intent to serve the purpose of sharing ideas.

We are seeking all home inventory service providers, whether members of NICA or not, to offer your input. For those of you interested in collaborating with other members, please visit and participate in the LinkedIn Group. Post questions, start a discussion, reply to others’ questions and comments. LinkedIn has changed it’s group process, so if you are not able to access the group, let NICA know by emailing NICA (at) NationalInventoryCertificationAssociation.com and we’ll invite you to join.

Also, please leave your comments below. This blog post can be the starting point! Ask questions, seek advice, etc. We can begin the collaboration right here. Continued discussions and sharing of ideas will help to strengthen the personal property inventory industry.


30 Dec 2014

Suppose You Forget What You Want

GetWhatYouWantOne of the fortunes in The Fortune Cookie Business Book, by David Newman, is “Suppose you can get what you want.” The book is short on words, but really makes you think. This specific one  made me stop and consider what it was really saying. For a long time, I have believed that you can get what you want. After all, this is America, where anyone can be whatever they want to be. Everyone can have all they want if they’re willing to work for it. Yes, I had heard it all, and believe it. But, when the word “suppose” is tied to this idea of getting what you want, it somehow made a difference in how I thought about it. It takes it from being just a statement to opening all the doors to all the possibilities.

Just suppose! Suppose you could be a millionaire. Suppose you could be an entrepreneur. Suppose you can be a successful certified professional in the industry of your choice. Suppose you could start a business. Suppose you can retire early. Suppose if you work smart enough, you can build the life you’ve always only dreamed of having? Suppose you can have success – in whatever form success is to you? Suppose! Just suppose! Suppose you can get what you want. Would that make you approach each day differently from now on?

All of this thinking took me on another tangent, which is why the title of this blog makes the statement, suppose you forget what you want. WOW! I thought about this long and hard. How many dreams have I forgotten about? How many were pushed aside because I was busy doing instead of living? In the hustle and bustle of every day life, many times we all find ourselves going through the motions. We stop dreaming. We forget our long-lost desires, hopes, and dreams. We stop supposing.

Think about this. Really think about it. Start right now supposing that this can be the first day of getting what you want. You’ll get there, if you don’t forget what you want.