Thank You To The Website Committee

The testing and preparation for the launch of the newly developed website could not have gone as smoothly without the help of our association members who agreed to serve on the Website Committee. The directors would like to give a big shout-out to those who served in this capacity. Being aware of how busy everyone is, we appreciate the time, thought, and effort they put into this volunteer activity.

Prior to creating the website, the committee provided feedback regarding what they liked about the previous website and and of course what they didn’t like. In previous years this type of collaboration would not have been possible. Since the Committee members are located in Wyoming, Indiana, and Michigan, most of conversations existed via emails. To also include dialog, conference calls enabled live discussion to reach a consensus on the various issues and preferences.

In addition to just stating what they wanted improved, the Committee members provided valuable suggestions regarding the processes or content that would make the site better. The focus remained on how to best serve the NICA members.

The Committee members also devoted a great deal of time combing through the pages immediately prior to the launch, and then for weeks after. They focused on helping to proofread and test the links and processes to ensure they were all working correctly. Now that the new site has been available for almost a month, we are pleased that the website is all the Committee asked for – and more.

Appreciation goes to both the web developer and associate member Mary Gillen, and also to the Website Committee, which was comprised of

Volunteering is sometimes a task that goes unnoticed or underappreciated. We want each of the members of this committee to know how grateful the directors are for your time, suggestions, and proofreading efforts.