A Business Guide to Asset Inventory


As we build the NICA bookstore for asset inventory professionals, we will also provide a variety of resources for business owners and business professionals in all industries. This book is a perfect fit, as it covers the need for an inventory, and is written to assist those who are responsible for protecting their business’ assets.

Protecting your company assets

Whether you are starting, building, or maintaining a business, your time is valuable. This inventory guide covers the many reasons to have an itemized list and photographs of your business assets. You will read what other business owners experienced and how not having an inventory hurt their business, or how having this document was extremely beneficial. If you have the time and desire to create your own inventory, this guide will walk you through the process. However, most business owners do not have the time or resources to create an inventory. Therefore, a guideline of how to choose the right company to serve as an outsourced inventory service provider is also included.

Meet the authors

Cindy and Mike Hartman founded their home and business inventory service, Hartman Inventory™, in 2004. Lessons learned from life experiences were the driving factors in the decision to enter the asset inventory industry.

After years of refining their processes, they founded Nationwide Inventory Professionals™. This Business Package and Licensing Agreement assist new business owners to achieve a faster startup and receive continued support.

Recognized leaders in the industry, Cindy and Mike help ensure consistency through ownership of National Inventory Certification Association™, which offers certification, continuing education courses, and professional development through a variety of options in the book store.

All three companies serve the Hartmans’ mission statement: “To help others achieve success.” Whether they are providing an inventory for a home or business client, assisting others as they begin and grow their own inventory company, or overseeing the designation of Certified Inventory Specialist™, the Hartmans are living their passion.