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05 Aug 2020

New NICA Member Offers Sub-contracting Opportunity

Young & AssociatesYOUNG & Associates (YA) is excited to be a new member of NICA. YA is a Building Consulting firm that provides estimates and inventories for their clients – the insurance carriers throughout the United States and Latin America.

The YA Contents Division provides commercial and residential inventories to its clients, which include Replacement Cost Value and Actual Cash Value. They are seeking Contents Consultants to be sub-contractors with YA. Responsibilities include the completion of the physical inventory after a loss, complete pricing information, and audit restoration company and conservator estimates, and invoices.

As a growing division within their company, they are always looking to add additional qualified contents consultants. If you have previous contents consulting experience and are interested in finding out more about opportunities with Young and Associates, please forward a letter of interest and a current CV resume to the following e-mail address: careers@youngonline.com.


01 Nov 2018

Loss Inventory Course Now Available

personal developmentThe most requested course in our December 2017 survey has now been developed and recently made available. All NICA members and also any other professional seeking this valuable information can now log in and take this online, self-directed course.  Members will receive 3 CEUs toward their certification renewal.

When someone faces a loss due to fire or natural disaster, they are overwhelmed with emotion. There are insurance standards that state what a policyholder is required to do after a loss. Add that to the many emotions one deals with and the time required to complete the recovery process, and most have a need for professional assistance.

Documenting their losses, one piece of personal property at a time, is a time-consuming and difficult process. For the home inventory professional, having the knowledge and a plan to document the contents of a client’s home or business is essential to assist them in achieving an equitable settlement. When conducting a loss inventory, it is important to know what is salvageable vs. unsalvageable. Sorting items that can be considered for “allowances” and also those that might need appraisals is a large responsibility that many homeowners and business owners don’t know how to do or have the desire to tackle this difficult task.

There are challenges an inventory professional will likely face during a loss inventory that aren’t encountered in other types of inventory services. These challenges can include standing water, no power or lights, contaminants, and personal safety issues. Information is provided regarding how to deal with these hazards.

Additionally, this course includes information about marketing loss inventory services, the importance of developing business affiliations, and options regarding how to price this extremely important service.

Module 1 – Introduction to Loss Inventory Services

  • What is a Loss Inventory?
  • Insurance
  • Your Role as an Inventory Professional
  • Challenges You Might Face

Module 2 – Preparing for and Completing the Inventory

  • Preparations Prior to the Visit
  • The Inventory Process
  • Inventory Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Module 3 – Marketing Your Loss Inventory Services

  • Marketing Your Service
  • Business Affiliations
  • Pricing Options