April is National Home Inventory Month: Find out more
01 Apr 2021

April is National Home Inventory Month

National Home Inventory MonthNICA’s mission is “To provide awareness and education.” Establishing April as the awareness month to focus on the need for a home inventory supports this initiative. Along with our Association, many personal property inventory professionals inform others about this industry on a regular basis. The various means by our members and others continue to raise awareness of the life events that require or benefit from having this information prepared and kept up to date.

With the country finally opening up after a long year of tough times due to Covid, this is perfect timing to promote your home inventory services. Remember to contact your prospects and referral sources, let them know what precautions you are currently taking, and that (when you’re ready), you are once again providing your services to homeowners, renters, and small businesses.

We welcome all home inventory professionals to participate in National Home Inventory Month. NICA members benefit from additional resources, which can be accessed upon logging in with your member credentials.

02 Apr 2020

April is National Home Inventory Month

NICA’s mission is “To provide awareness and education” for the home and business inventory professionals. An annual effort that began last year was to establish April as National Home Inventory Month (NHIM). The intent, which supports the mission statement, is to create additional awareness by focusing on the need for an inventory of one’s contents. Personal property inventory professionals inform others about this industry on a regular basis. A concerted effort by the association, its members, its associate members, and other inventory professionals each April will help raise awareness of the many life events that require or benefit from having an inventory prepared.

The link on the top of the NICA website will take you to the NHIM page for detailed information.

Resources have been developed specifically for our NICA Members. To access this information, sign into the NICA website using your member credentials. Then just click on the link that says “National Home Inventory Month Resources” on your My Page. You will be able to download a list of posts to share on your various social media accounts. You can also download photos and an icon to use on your website, with your social media posts, in your newsletter, on marketing materials, etc. A press release template is also included that you can download and quickly add your personal information to submit to your local media. These tools will be very helpful so you can easily promote and participate in National Home Inventory Month.

All certified members who participate will receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards the annual recertification. The number awarded depends on the extent of activities you choose. When applying for renewal of your CIS at the end of the year, you will be able to include the details of your NHIM participation.

20 Mar 2019

Earn CEUs By Participating in National Home Inventory Month (NHIM)

CEU ApprovedWe feel strongly about the benefit of recognition through promoting NHIM. As an association, NICA’s purpose is to provide recognition of our industry and education for its members. Another benefit is that NICA and NHIM provide education for the general public and potential referral sources.

We believe that this month-long recognition and education, created through the efforts of our members, is worthy of assigning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to those who participate. Our office received correspondence after last year’s inaugural event from members who promoted NHIM. Many stated that they learned quite a bit through educating others.

Last year each participant earned 1 CEU. Some suggested offering tiered CEUs which would reflect the efforts put forth. The number of CEUs to be awarded this year have been adjusted accordingly. There are 2 levels of CEUs that can be earned:

1 CEU will be earned by copy and pasting the provided social media posts on your accounts
3 CEUs will be earned for posting on social media, PLUS any 2 or more of the following:

  • Create branded social media posts (2 sources are Fiverr and Pablo)
  • Post a press release (template provided for members)
  • Promote NHIM when participating in a vendor fair
  • Detail NHIM during speaking engagements

When you submit your CEU form for recertification, all you will need to do is include the number of CEUs you earned and a link or photos attached to support your 1 or 3 CEUs.

06 Mar 2019

Preparing for National Home Inventory Month

NHIM LogoIt’s time to begin preparing for the 2nd National Home Inventory Month (NHIM), which is recognized in April. The first event was launched in 2018 and will continue annually. In preparation, we are updating the NHIM page on the NICA website and it will be ready by mid-March.

We encourage all home inventory professionals to participate with the intent to educate the public and bring awareness about the need for this documentation. Additionally, it will bring recognition to the industry as well as each individual professional who promotes NHIM.

Members will have access to download the NHIM logo in jpg and png formats. as well as 2 photos in jpg format to use along with their promotions. Upon logging into your account, you will be able to download these graphics, the press release template, and a variety of posts to copy and paste into your social media accounts during late March and the month of April.

Click here to learn more about NHIM and to get tips on how to create a successful campaign,

31 Mar 2018

National Home Inventory Month – April 2018

Home Inventory MonthNICA, as a member-driven association, has made great strides in bringing awareness about home inventories to the general public. To increase this awareness, a committee worked with Managing Director Cindy Hartman to establish National Home Inventory Month. One more shout-out to the committee members Debra Palmer, Jo Soard, and Tricia Hoekwater for a job well done – and in a very short time!

A press release was distributed mid-March, announcing that NICA declared April as National Home Inventory Month. We are very pleased that many other press release sites picked up the article and posted it on their sites. Members also shared the press release on their social media accounts – thank you to those who took the time to help promote it. The press release is also published on the News page of the NICA website, so you can easily share that article on your social media posts.

As April is just a few days away, the committee would like all home inventory professionals to watch for the NICA social media posts and share the information. There is also a prepared list of posts for members to share on their social media accounts along with graphics created specifically for National Home Inventory Month 2018.

Please visit the page dedicated to this awareness month on the NICA website. There is a brief section telling visitors the reasons for establishing this special month, followed by a list of activities every home inventory professional can embrace to help share the information and inform their followers.

National Home Inventory Month will be as successful as each home inventory professional decides to make it. This is a great opportunity to pull together and make a concerted effort as an industry to bring attention to the services each home inventory professional offers.

Let’s see the month of April full of activities, social media posts, press releases, and efforts to share the opportunities to create awareness. Please send photos of what you’re doing. If you don’t have photos but would like to share what you did to contribute to our industry’s recognition, send an email. We’ll include all member photos and contributions on the News page of the website and in the May newsletter.

12 Mar 2018

NICA Designates April as National Home Inventory Month

NHIM LogoPRESS RELEASE — The National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) announces that April has been designated as National Home Inventory Month. NICA provides education and certification for home inventory service providers who create written and photographic documents that serve a variety of life events for homeowners and renters. The focus of National Home Inventory Month (NHIM) is to raise awareness of the value and benefits of a home inventory.

NICA’s mission is “To provide awareness and education.” Establishing a specific month to focus on the need for a home inventory supports this initiative. NICA members agree that a concerted effort by the association and all inventory professionals together will raise awareness of the many life events that require or benefit from having this information prepared.

“Bringing home inventory professionals together through a universal curriculum and industry certifications has resulted in a cohesiveness in what was once a very segmented industry, explained Managing Director Cindy Hartman. “Establishing a National Home Inventory Month is very exciting for our members. Additional awareness throughout the US will benefit each professional as well as the homeowners and renters who now understand and see the value of having a document of what they own.” 

Recurring disasters, increased thefts, and a growing desire to protect one’s assets have encouraged the growth of this service industry. In addition to helping policyholders remember and prove ownership when filing an insurance claim, home inventory documents also assist with estate settlement, financial and estate planning, separation of assets, pre-nuptials, and documenting collectibles. Busy lifestyles have encouraged many to hire an inventory professional to compile this information for their residences, vacation homes, apartments, and off-site storage units.

NICA welcomes all home inventory professionals, members and non-members alike, to participate in this initial campaign of National Home Inventory Month during the month of April 2018. Social media hashtags are #HomeInventory and #HomeInventoryMonth. A page dedicated to this event has been added to the NICA website.

08 Mar 2018

NICA Establishes National Home Inventory Month

CalendarThere was a great deal of interest from our members for NICA to pursue establishing a special day, week, or month designated for Home Inventory.

With your support, we have decided to pursue establishing a National Home Inventory Month, with the intent to help create awareness of the need for a home inventory and the benefits of being a NICA member.

The Committee members who determined the feasibility of this initiative and who are currently working on this program are:

The committee chose April to be the month designated as National Home Inventory Month. The committee agreed that instead of recognition just for a day or week, having the entire month would be more beneficial. This will allow all inventory professionals to promote their services for a longer period of time, which will help gain more recognition.

Another factor in choosing April was to avoid other established awareness months for related industries: National Safety Month (June), National Preparedness Month (September) and National Fire Prevention Month (October). It is also a “spring cleaning” season, which often ties into wanting an inventory once old items are discarded.

The focus for NICA as an association and each member as a professional home inventory service provider are:

  • To help develop awareness and understanding of the need for a home inventory.
  • To provide education to the public regarding the value of having thorough documents of one’s belongings, including how the insurance claim process works and why an inventory is essential for an equitable settlement.
  • Promote the many reasons for a home inventory: disaster preparedness and recovery, estate settlement, financial and estate planning, divorce/separation of assets, and pre-nuptials.
  • This will be achieved through one-on-one conversations, social media presence, scheduled speaking opportunities, and introducing this service to insurance agents, estate attorneys, personal property appraisers, and financial planners. 

The committee has a lot of work to do in March to be prepared for an April 1 launch of this special month. Thank you to these members for stepping up and serving our association and industry.