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25 Nov 2013

National Inventory Certification Association Launches New Website

New website offers certification, education, professional development, and referrals to meet the needs of members and the community.

The National Inventory Certification Association™ (NICA) has launched a new website to meet the needs of the continued growth of the asset (personal property) inventory industry. This new easy-to-navigate site offers a certification portal, membership directory, and a book store of resources for small business owners and the community in general.

NICA Managing Director, Cindy Hartman, stated, “We have the vision and commitment to provide education and referrals for our membership, as well as professional development materials that are relevant for small business owners in any industry.” Debbie Mahler, president of Internet Tech Specialists (http://www.internettechspecialists), is the technical and creative resource for this easy-to-navigate website. NICA contracted Mahler for this project after Hartman received exceptional results for other company websites, Hartman Inventory and Nationwide Inventory Professionals (http://www.NationwideInventoryProfessionals.com), that Mahler developed.

The new National Inventory Certification Association website contains key elements that will serve a variety of purposes.

Members Directory

Homeowners and business owners have become more aware of the need to protect their financial future through professional documentation of their assets. When seeking ethical and honest service providers, the Members Directory will assist in this search. All members of NICA are certified and have agreed to abide by the Code of Ethics, as outlined on the website.

Certification and Continuing Education

The certification portal is completely electronic, which allows each asset inventory professional seeking certification to work at his or her own pace. Designation as a Certified Inventory Specialist places them among the ranks who have chosen to be recognized as leaders in the industry. Soon-to-be available continuing education courses will cover home inventory procedures as well as business, boat, and structural inventories. Additional courses will be developed to meet the needs as the industry expands.

Professional Development

In addition to residential and business asset inventory ebooks, members and guests of the website can purchase ebooks, audio files, and workbooks on topics of marketing, goal-setting, and PC maintenance. Additional resources will continue to be added, offering topics pertinent to all small business owners.

Association- and Industry-related News

For industry professionals, and those interested in learning more about this essential service, the News page includes press releases and other current information regarding the industry and individual members of the National Inventory Certification Association.

Hartman concludes, “We spoke with quite a few asset inventory professionals prior to creating this website in an effort to serve their needs. The feedback we’ve received has assured us that we’ve done exactly that.”

28 Oct 2013

Asset Inventory Certification Program Now Led by Industry Professionals

Founders of Nationwide Inventory Professionals assume ownership and control of national industry certification program.

Mike and Cindy Hartman, of Avon, Indiana, have further invested in the growing home and business inventory industry. Personal property inventory service professionals, the Hartmans have recently taken ownership and control of the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA).  An announcement from NICA last week stated, “The inventory industry is growing, and new leadership is required to take this certification program to the next level. Focus, commitment, and an understanding of the industry are imperative.”

The Hartmans currently own two other asset industry-related businesses, Hartman Inventory LLC and Nationwide Inventory Professionals LLC. Hartman Inventory, established in 2004, is an asset inventory company, providing written and photographic personal property documentation. Having established proven successful processes and procedures through years of trial and error, the Hartmans developed Nationwide Inventory Professionals. This business package and licensing agreement provides their knowledge, experience, and support for those who have chosen to start their own inventory company.

Mike Hartman explained, “We see value in national certification, to the extent that certification is a component of our business package. We are looking forward to this opportunity to take NICA in a positive direction, and are already making plans to enhance the designation as well as offer other educational opportunities.”

According to Johanna Curtiss, CEO of The Inventory Institute, the majority of inventory service companies are independent business owners, amounting to approximately 150 verified operating businesses throughout the United States. One of the reasons the Hartmans chose to add this company to their business portfolio is to help establish consistency and cohesiveness in the industry.

About National Inventory Certification Association

The National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) provides a certification program for those in the asset inventory sector. Designation as a Certified Inventory Specialist confirms an understanding of the industry, agrees to conduct business in an ethical and professional manner, and will abide by the National Inventory Certification Association Code of Ethics. The team the Hartmans have assembled to head up this separate entity is well experienced in the asset inventory industry. http://www.nationalinventorycertificationassociation.com/final

About Mike and Cindy Hartman

Mike and Cindy Hartman are recognized leaders of the industry, and achieved this by constantly reviewing their inventory processes, then implementing improvements and revisions on a continuing basis.

Always eager to share their knowledge, they are Approved Speakers for Kiwanis International and also provide educational presentations for Chambers of Commerce and other civic, business, and networking organizations. The Hartmans have been featured in the Indianapolis Business Journal, the Hendricks County Business Leader, and various other publications. They have co-authored the book, “Home Inventory – A Guide for Homeowners and Renters,” which is available on Amazon.com. Their second book, “A Business Guide to Asset Inventory,” will be completed soon.