Project Management Course Coming Soon

ProjMgmtHome inventory professionals are often called to inventory extremely large homes, multiple properties, and commercial buildings. These are projects that offer great revenue, but many are scared away or hesitate to accept the project due to the size or complexity of the job. One inventory professional stated, “It was such a big project I didn’t even now how to approach it, so I turned down the opportunity.”

Basically, it all comes down to project management. Even a small inventory is a “project” that must be managed. Sometimes small ones can have a unique twist to them, creating a question of, “How do I begin?” or “How do I approach this?” No matter the size or type of inventory – whether it is a couple hours or a few weeks – managing the process is essential for a professional outcome.

Project Management

Therefore, we have commissioned a Certified Project Manager to write a course on Project Management and how it relates to the home inventory industry. Some of the topics that are covered are:

  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Creating the work breakdown structure
  • Monitoring the project progress
  • Defining the activities
  • Estimating the duration of the project

This course will provide you with the knowledge of how to approach any project – whether it is for an inventory or any other type of project. The information will be beneficial to any small business owner, as project management can be utilized in many facets of the day-to-day business processes.

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