Renovation Angel Q&As

Renovation Angel LogoRenovation Angel is the National Inventory Certification Association‘s (NICA) newest Associate Member, and one who can provide some great connections for you to grow your home inventory business. They are North America’s premier luxury kitchen, renovation, and furniture recycling enterprise. Homeowners receive thousands of dollars in project savings through: 1) a full tax deduction, 2) free, white-glove removal/pack/transport, and 3) no disposal fees. Renovation Angel has conducted over 5,000 projects including a member of the Forbes 400, Celebrities, Sports Stars, and High-Net-Worth Property Owners.

NICA held a conference call a few months ago for members, and many were excited about the possibilities of being an Appraisal Examiner for Renovation Angel and Nugent Appraisal, which conducts the appraisal portion of the project.

Questions and Answers

A few questions were sent to the NICA office after the call, so we wanted to share them with you in the newsletter.

Do you recycle residential only, or do you also recycle commercial kitchens? 
Mostly residential kitchens. However, good condition commercial kitchens we have taken – both from residences and restaurants.

What is the minimum dollar amount for a project to qualify (to make it worth our time to go on site to get photos to send for your review/acceptance)? 
Generally $10,000 or more of re-sale is the minimum. However, if it is good quality luxury items (furniture, a cooking range, chandelier), it could be $5,000 – $10,000

When you say you will take all contents of an estate, does that include dishes, pots & pans, linens, etc., or only specific items?
Generally we do not take dishes, etc. However, if they are part of larger, valuable donation, and they can be packed up in boxes, we will take them (it becomes one of the negotiating points on a donation)

For a whole-house contents donation, is there a minimum of fair market value that must be met before the estate qualifies; in other words, must all contents be “luxury” items? 
We take numerous donations where the items are very good condition mid-range furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, etc.

Do you pay for travel? 
If you are inspecting on our behalf, you would give us a quote for your fees, to include travel time, mileage, etc.

Once the examiner portion of the project is complete, how and when is the payment processed?
You would send your digital invoice to Robin Canfield, Director of HR & Finance, which is paid within 7 business days. 

Consider the opportunities!