Now Available! Continuing Education Course – Residential Contents Inventory

Professional DevelopmentA large number of inventory professionals are seeking continuing education. This was made evident by those who completed the survey recently distributed through a joint effort by National Inventory Certification Association and The Inventory Institute. In response to this survey, NICA has just completed “Residential Contents Inventory.”

This course includes the variety of processes that are currently used by successful inventory professionals. Therefore, this material serves two purposes: 1) to introduce the many options from which a new inventory service professional can select and develop a quality service of their own, and 2) to provide this collective information for established inventory professionals who seek to learn other methods, in an effort to continually improve their process.

Additionally, this course offers a general understanding of homeowners insurance. This is to enable the inventory professional to properly recommend when it would be a benefit for the homeowner to discuss coverage with their agent.

It is imperative that a home inventory service provider conduct business with honesty, integrity, sound business judgment, and professionalism. Course material reinforces best practices, which support the National Inventory Certification Association Code of Ethics.

Documenting the contents of a residence is the foundation of the asset inventory industry, and in essence, where the home inventory industry began. It makes sense that this be the focus of our first course.

Residential Contents Inventory Course

Some of the topics addressed in the Residential Contents Inventory course are:

  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
  • Additional Reasons for a Home Inventory
  • Determine Your Process
  • A Systematic Approach for Your Service
  • The Finished Product
  • Best Practices
  • Safety

Visit the Continuing Education Section of the NICA website for a full description of the course. Members of the National Inventory Certification Association receive a 50% discount off of all Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses.