The Course That is the Foundation of the Home Inventory Industry

CertifiedIf you haven’t yet achieved your CIS designation, Residential Contents Inventory is one of the required courses. It is really the foundation of all other courses for those who are professional home inventory providers. It was created by reviewing home inventory service websites and interviewing members to learn what techniques and processes they use. Therefore, this online, self-directed course provides a variety of information from documenting clients’ belongings to compiling the information into a finished product to pricing options – and you can take it from the comfort of your home and at the pace that fits your schedule.

This is also a great course for those who aren’t yet ready to become certified but are just wanting to learn the basics to start their business. Some even take the course to see if this industry is right for them. Whatever your goal is, this course is essential for anyone in the home inventory industry. Following are the Modules and information you will receive when taking this course.

Module 1 – Home Inventory

  • Definition of Home Inventory
  • Definition of Personal Property
  • Insurance Basics
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
  • Additional Reasons for a Home Inventory
  • The Growth of the Industry

Module 2 – Documenting the Inventory

  • Office Equipment
  • Touring the Home
  • Determine Your Process
  • Photographic Record
  • Written Document
  • Tool Kit
  • Optional Tools

Module 3 – Providing Your Home Inventory Service

  • Establish Your Inventory Routine
  • Assets That Require Special Attention
  • A Systematic Approach for Your Service
  • The Final Product
  • Determine Your Fees
  • Additional Inventory Services
  • Best Practices
  • Safety