Inventory Association Launches New Website

We are so very excited to announce that the new website is now live! The many hours building, writing, proof-reading, and testing the site have all been worth it!

Applause to Associate Member Mary Gillen for her expertise and patience as we made numerous adjustments to the layout and functions of the website over the course of this project.

As you check out the site, you will notice many small tweaks and well as the major cosmetic makeover. Some major improvements are:

Member directory with search capability

Yep – you read that right! A fully searchable member directory for our inventory services members. A neat, clean, alphabetical listing of each member’s inventory company, along with your name(s) and certifications. To find a home inventory professional in a specific state, just click on the State drop-down menu. For those who prefer to do a search, this can be accomplished by typing a name, phone number, address, or any other contact information in the search box.

This helps prospective clients find you quickly and easily in a variety of ways. Also an advantage for each member, you can just as simply find other professionals when you’re offered a project that would be best to refer it to someone else, due to expertise, location, etc. Awesome!

Online applications to apply for certifications

In the past, when it was time to apply for your certification(s), you had to contact the NICA office to request the form. Upon receipt, you filled it out, scanned it, then emailed it back to the office. These days are gone! With the new website, all you need to do is click a link, complete the online form, and you will be notified when the Education Committee approves it. Voila!

Associate member page

We appreciate our Associate members, and have redesigned their page, too. To learn more about their services and how you can work with them, just hover over the Membership tab and click on the Associate Member drop-down tab. You will see a brief description of the services each Associate member offers. Check ’em out!

Purchase pages

The pages you visit to purchase the courses, Certification exam and eBooks, and to join or renew your membership, are a similar layout to the previous website. However, the icons are cleaner, and, of course, represent our new logo. They are now categorized by product (Courses, Certification Exam, eBooks, Membership) and in alphabetical order. This makes the purchase process easier. Yes!


It’s always great to receive positive feedback, and when it’s from our members, it really means a lot. It tells us that we are doing what we say we do. In addition to showing others what type of organization we are, having a Testimonial section on the Home page is an additional way to promote our members. If you would like to share your thoughts about NICA, the courses, the value of membership, or any other topic, email it, using “Testimonial” as the subject line. We will include it with the others on the Home page. Give a shout-out!

There are many more improvements the new NICA website, and we are anxious for you to visit soon. Same website address. While you’re there, please verify that your directory listing is correct. Please make sure that your profile is complete. If you have changes or additions to your contact information, you can make the edits or if you prefer, just email the updates to the NICA office and we’ll do it for you.

Thanks for your patience as we worked through the former site’s issues during this transition period. We are sure you agree it was worth the wait!