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12 Jun 2020

Marketing Minute – Using Twitter to Help Grow Your Business

This Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary GillenMary Gillen

Find Prospects Near You.

Using the Twitter Search Function, you can find new prospects to follow by entering a keyword phrase, location, and even a radius of miles.

Example: If you are looking to follow Insurance Agents within 25 miles of Boston, enter the following information into the Twitter Search box: “Insurance agent” near:Boston within:25mi

Who to Follow for Increased Business

  • Prospects
  • Local business professionals, such as insurance agents, CPAs, and lawyers, who can provide referrals
  • Other business folks for possible joint ventures

Use Retweets To Gain New Followers

Be sure to spread the wealth about your followers’ knowledge by “re-tweeting” their Tweets to your followers. This is a terrific way to build relationships on Twitter and gain more followers.

13 Feb 2020

Marketing Minute – How To Find Out Who Is Asking Questions On Twitter You Can Answer

This Marketing Minute is provided by Associate Member Mary GillenMary Gillen

Continuing with the focus on New Year Resolutions and Networking, you can network via social media. Take the time to answer questions people post in online forums! This can help home inventory professionals establish credibility and attract prospect attention to both potential clients and professional referral sources. So how can you do this on Twitter?

Take advantage of this Twitter Search Operator:

natural disaster ? searches for Tweets that contain the words natural disaster when asking a question. Be sure to include the space before the question mark.

You can also find questions being asked using the terms insurance, fire, probate, estates, collectibles, appraisals … any key term that would represent the services you offer or knowledge you can share.

It’s often beneficial to add a location (since your service is normally local) by including your state or city.