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05 Oct 2021

Add Appraisal Examination Revenue to Your Inventory Business

HandshakeValuePros, a National Leader in Appraisal and Valuation services, is one of NICA’s Associate Members. We are very excited to share the news with you about the opportunities they are offering to our members! In anticipation of a national rollout of their appraisal app (free download on Apple App store and Google Play store), ValuePros is aggressively growing into new markets for their onsite appraisal service.

The ValuePros appraisal app will enable someone to capture an item’s description and images virtually anywhere, anytime, while out shopping, at a friend’s house, in a resale store – anywhere. However, there will always remain a need for an onsite examination by a trained examination professional (inventory professional) or appraiser, for ValuePros to generate an independent USPAP compliant report.

ValuePros is looking to align with NICA members, as independent contractors, to perform onsite examinations. They have recently added examination contractors in Milwaukee, Houston, and Las Vegas. These Inventory Professionals now provide Appraisal Services, as they serve the one critical role in the appraisal procedure – Examination:

Appraisal Procedure

  1. Examination
  2. Item Identification
  3. Market Comparable Research
  4. Report Production

As we tell inquiring clients often, “the appraiser does not need to see an item with our own eyes to identify, appraise, and produce a qualified appraisal report.” You, the Inventory Professional, examine; ValuePros appraise – together providing an appraisal service in your market.

As Ray Nugent, owner of ValuePros, says, “Let’s get to work together!” Achieving your Certified Appraisal Examiner designation will help you obtain general knowledge of the appraisal industry. Contact Ray today to receive summary information on this opportunity. ValuePros prefers to use an exclusive examiner in each market. CONTACT: Ray Nugent, ValuePros @ (888) 353-7152.

19 Aug 2021

Check Out These Blogs!

This post is featuring Associate Members’ blogs so you can start to follow them, learn from them, and possibly share this great information now via social media and your blogs (if you already have one established). If you aren’t currently writing a blog, but plan on writing one in the future, bookmarking some of their posts now will make them available to share as guest posts when you’re ready – and you’ll have a library of articles already prepared!

Mary Gillen WebsiteMary Gillen writes (in her words) a “definitely geeky and technical” blog.

However, she has received great feedback from clients, which has enabled her to learn that customers have gained great, useful information.

One area, in particular, is how to fix accessibility errors. By sharing step-by-step instructions, they were able to gain this knowledge from her blog.

Visit her Accessible Website Services Blog. Though it might be “geeky,” it’s written in common, easy-to-understand language!

ValuePros BlogThe blog that provides super inventory information is from ValuePros. Whether you plan on participating in their Appraisal Examiner initiative or just want this information available for your own edification that will enable you to provide educated advice to your clients. this blog will provide valuable knowledge for you.

The various topics relate to appraisals and valuations, with first-hand information about their work. Want to learn about sports memorabilia, fine art, antiques, coins, and more? This is the blog for you!

Frequent customer questions are also a big part of the content of this blog. They share those answers right here on the Blog page of their website.