Have You Heard About Voice Search?

Mary GillenDo you have Google Home, Alexa, or Siri? If so, you probably have asked your device to find information rather than type the information into a search bar.

A big THANK YOU to Mary Gillen, our Associate Member who is a guru in Web Development and Marketing! She shared with us that Google has once again changed its algorithm, pointing more importance to voice searching…i.e., using the voice search on your smartphone to find info, or if you are using Alexa or Siri at home to voice search a subject.

To Optimize for Voice Search

Website keywords need to be updated. Voice queries contain conversational words and are longer.

  1. 22% of voice queries are for local content, such as your home inventory business.
  2. Users want immediate results. If some people can’t find you through a voice search, you don’t exist.
  3. Add “structured data” to website pages to index voice search with Google.

Voice search is the new way to find the information your potential clients are most likely using. For assistance with updating your website, contact your web developer or email Mary to discuss this update to your website’s keywords.