Blog TilesBlogs serve many purposes. The number one reason people in our industry blog is to market their services. Being able to educate your readers is a perfect way to gain business. Once people learn the need for an inventory – and the various reasons they would need or want one – many will choose to hire an inventory professional. Of course, they will most likely hire the one who writes the blog they read that is full of helpful information.

NICA encourages you to begin a blog of your own. Our Introduction to Blogging course will help you get started with the planning process and learn some great tips on how to market it. It’s best not to rush into this commitment, but the course will give you plenty of topics to think about and consider.

Writing a blog will help to educate your readers, share information with other inventory professionals, and even include blog articles from local referral sources (who might also include some of your posts in his or her blogs). The bottom line, you will gain recognition which will help grow your business.

The 2nd of 3 blogging courses is in the works now and should be released by early fall. The 2nd course delves deep into how to create content, where to find it, and how to market your blog. The 3rd course will be more technical, teaching you how to create your own – on your own. If you already know that you’d rather have a professional set it up for you, Associate Member Mary Gillen is exceptional in all things technical and we highly recommend a conversation with her before you begin. 

Get started now – if only to learn about blogging and if it’s for you – by taking the Introduction to Blogging course. As a plus, you’ll receive 2 CEUs towards your CIS renewal.