This Marketing Minute is provided by NICA Associate Member Mary GillenMary Gillen

Following up on the great suggestions from our members (in the article above) to promote your inventory business, this month’s Marketing Minute from Mary Gillen gives some great advice to create a successful email newsletter – a key item many use to market their home and business inventory services.

Use Responsive HTML for Your Email Templates

Is your email newsletter mobile-friendly? Be sure to use a template that is “responsive design.” This means that your email template will serve easily across a wide range of devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Keep Your Email Newsletter Layout to One Column for Mobile Viewing

More and more folks are using their smartphones to view and respond to email. To accommodate mobile viewers, a single column layout for your newsletter works best. Layout column width: a range between 320 pixels (vertical viewing) and 550 pixels (horizontal viewing).

Include Social Media Icons in Your Email Newsletter

You will gain more traffic when you include email and social media sharing buttons within your email newsletter. This reminds readers to share your content via email and the social media platforms you use.

Always Include a Link to the Web Version of Your Newsletter

Provide a link at the top of your email newsletter to the HTML version that is archived on your server, or the server of your email service provider. It will be easy for subscribers to click through to read your content in case they cannot read the email version.

Be Sure to Use Different Email Subject Headers

Are you using the exact same subject header for each newsletter you mail out? Not a good idea. This can decrease open rates. Be sure to use different subject headers for each issue. Also, research has shown that using numbers in your headers can help your newsletter get opened.