Mary GillenEmails have become a huge part of business communication. Using email opportunities to stay in touch with clients and prospects will help you stay in front of them.

Transaction Emails

Transaction emails are those that you send after a transaction has happened with a client. They can include:

  • new account verifications
  • scheduling and confirming appointments
  • thanks for your business

If you have client testimonials on your Website or blog, add the links to these pages to your transaction emails. This will give customers and prospects the opportunity to read about how you have helped others.


An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically sends an email response. Autoresponders are an integral part of email marketing campaigns, as the program immediately sends information to prospective customers and then follow-up correspondence at scheduled time intervals.

Here’s a sample of an autoresponder schedule that works when following up with online inquiries about your inventory services:

Send an email immediately after the prospect inquires, then

  • next day (24 hours)
  • seven (7) days later
  • twenty (20) days later
  • thirty (30) days later

These emails can include additional information about you, your services, your processes, reasons one needs a home or business inventory, links to your blog, links to your testimonials, request a response, etc.

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