santalistThis is not your typical Santa’s list. It’s not about who is naughty or who is nice.

We did, however, check it twice!

Many people ask why someone should be – or would invest in becoming – certified by the National Inventory Certification Association (NICA) when it’s not required to do so. After all, it takes an investment of time and money to achieve the designation of a Certified Inventory Specialist. Many professions, such as insurance agents, CPAs, nurses, etc., require certification and/or licensing to remain active in their chosen profession. In the asset inventory industry, however, it is one’s choice. Since it isn’t mandated, does it makes sense to pursue the privilege to use the initials CIS?

As the Managing Director of NICA, I thought it would be appropriate to compile the benefits of certification for inventory professionals; many of these items were provided by some of our certified members.

List of reasons inventory professionals are certified

  1. Adds credibility.
  2. Gives us a sense of pride.
  3. Gives us a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Proof that we care enough about our industry to choose to take a leadership role.
  5. Places us among other professionals who value excellence.
  6. Shows that we pursue continuing education.
  7. Indicates to prospective clients that we are always seeking ways to gain knowledge and skills.
  8. Shows our current client base that we are not just sitting on our laurels, but are always seeking ways to improve.
  9. Helps provide confidence for our clients even before they meet us.
  10. Benefit of referrals from other certified professionals.
  11. Discounts on courses provided by NICA.
  12. Clients ask for it, so obviously they value it!

I am also the owner of a home inventory service, and have often been asked if we are certified. We are glad that we can say “yes.” Due to that answer, we have secured jobs when otherwise the client might have chosen to go elsewhere. Being certified is a list we are proud to be on.