NICA LogoPeriodically, we have someone ask what the NICA logo represents. Since some have asked, we are making the assumption that others wonder about it as well.

First, let’s look at the purpose of a logo. It is a visual message that displays the company’s identity and what the company stands for, or represents. Basically, a graphic that is recognizable and meaningful.

Our logo, the 3 intertwined diamonds, represents the 3 areas of our focus (our purpose): Membership, Education, and Certification.

The center diamond (Membership) brings fellow inventory professionals together even when located throughout North America. This “center” is intertwined with the two initiatives that we provide to assist our Members – Education and Certification. Our focus is on educating industry professionals as well as educating the public on the many reasons one needs a personal property inventory. For those who want to stand out from others, and to display their dedication to the industry, along with their own company, Certification can help provide an additional level of professionalism, as it shows your prospects and clients alike that you are dedicated. It can also serve as a great marketing initiative, as most people know that initials after one’s name indicates achievement in a specific industry.

When you look at the logo from now on, we hope you will immediately see the 3-faceted initiative of the National Inventory Certification Association … Membership, Education, and Certification.