baseballWhen you hear the word team, most people think of sports. I remember playing baseball when I was young. All the kids in the neighborhood played, and we kept the same teams all summer long.  We knew that we would all get better if we continued to play with the same teammates – we would learn their strengths and weaknesses, which developed a stronger team.

The camaraderie that developed made for months of summer fun. We played hard and wanted desperately to win. We’d encourage our teammates when they did well. We also congratulated the winners of each game, and at the end of the day, we all remained friends.

Our team

In the business world, team is also a term that applies. The National Inventory Certification Association has a great team; without them, the association would not have accomplished what we have in such a short time.  This team of players are not rookies – they have experience in their specific industries, each bringing MVP quality to the association.

Members – fans are pertinent for a sports team to thrive. The same is true with the association. Without members, there is no need for an association. We have received a lot of great feedback from our members and will continue to look for their input so the association provides the services they want and need. They are solid professionals, realizing the value of continuing education.

Directors – our two directors have over 30 years each holding management positions in various corporate levels and 10 years as owners of their own home and business inventory service company.

Content writers – all courses are written by those with experience in their fields, as well as a firm knowledge of the asset inventory industry.

Editors – they are either professional writers or have years of experience in copy writing. Helping to ensure we have quality, well-written courses is a top priority.

Instructional design professionals – knowing the importance of creating the correct type of questions for exams, these team members either have a degree in education, have successfully completed instructional design courses, or both.

Webmaster – we have  put a lot of pressure on our webmaster, owner of Internet Tech Specialists, and she takes the ball and runs with it. In addition to developing our website and maintaining it, her company has tested and helped us determine the software that would be best for the continuing professional education courses, certification, and membership management. This software enables us to offer online self-paced courses for our busy inventory professionals. Her guidance and expertise makes her an all-star!

The Inventory Institute – NICA is the designated education and certification organization by the Inventory Institute, to the point that they have made us an Exclusive Business Partner. Our continued collaboration on the needs of the industry, how we can help each other’s organizations meet members’ needs, and play as a team rather than look at each other as opponents, has helped us, together, establish industry standards and a code of ethics, and work together so each member of this industry wins.

As you can see, we have a great team. If you’re a professional home inventory provider, we welcome you to join us. It’s a large playing field, so there is plenty of room for everyone!