CertifiedCertifications serve a variety of purposes for a plethora of industries.  Some professions require designation to perform the chosen services, while others are elective. The asset inventory industry provides an elective process to achieve this status.

During the time you devote to accomplish your designation, you might begin to think that you’d prefer to spend the required time with family and friends, relaxing, or being involved in a multitude of other activities that are much more inviting than taking courses and tests.

So why achieve certification? For the asset inventory industry, there are some key things to consider when you are deciding whether to “bother” becoming certified:

  • The initials after your name tell current and potential clients that you are serious about your business – serious enough that you’ve taken the extra step to prove your knowledge and expertise.
  • Having a designation allows you to stand out among others in your industry. When someone is deciding who to call, the company with a certification will most likely be the one they choose to hire.
  • Putting forth the effort shows that you have chosen to be a leader in the industry.
  • Certification indicates that you are one of the best in the industry and that you care about excellence.
  • It states that you invested time on professional development, a key element of a quality asset inventory professional.

When others in your industry are not certified, you have taken the steps top place yourself in a very good position to be viewed at the leader in your service area.