Core ValuesThe following article was included in a NICA member’s newsletter.

When searching for a qualified service professional, do you often ask if they are certified? Many professions require an industry license or various levels of certification.

These achievements are not required for a home and business contents inventory professional. So why go through the time and expense of achieving this milestone? There are many reasons to become certified. The main one being the opportunity to gain industry-specific education. Certification also indicates excellence, expertise, and a true commitment to serving our clients.

Certification, according to Wikipedia, “is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. Many certifications are used as post-nominal letters indicating an earned privilege from an oversight professional body acting to safeguard the public interest.”

We chose to be certified by the National Inventory Certification Association because of their core values of confidentiality, ethics, integrity, and respect for each client’s personal property. Being a member of this association falls in line with our inventory service and company philosophy.

In addition to achieving certification, there is also a requirement to earn a set number of Continuing Education Units per year to retain the designation. This is an opportunity to commit to refresh or gain new skills and knowledge.

Being certified is our commitment to remain professional and valuable to our current and new clients.